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CISM Americas Business Plan

Goal 1: provision of a robust and integrated sports program

Objective 1.1: enhanced quality CISM competitions;
Objective 1.2: world leader of military sport programming and recognition by the international sports federations (including WADA);

Objective 1.3: assumed a fair share of hosting cism events and continental tournaments;
Objective 1.4: improved participation at world level competitions.

Goal 2: active delivery of solidarity and technical assistance programs

Objective 2.1: systematically gathered information that identifies the needs and offers for both solidarity and technical assistance.

Goal 3: strong relationships with member nations and stakeholders

Objective 3.1: identified and communicated the value of cism to member nations and stakeholders
Objective 3.2: engaged those member nations and stakeholders to foster better relationships to meet CISM’s mission and vision;
Objective 3.3: created and maintained relationships through collaborated efforts with member nations and stakeholders to enable enhanced cism operations.

Goal 4: strong and professional cism governance structure

Objective 4.1: improved communication;
Objective 4.2: expansion of membership in CISM Américas.


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